A Pattern of Innovation – Patients experience less pain and you can gain greater procedure efficiency.

A Pattern of Innovation

In order to help you help your patients, we never stop improving. When you understand the science behind our advancements, you’ll understand why PASCAL is really a synthesis of innovations, all working together to further the field of ophthalmology.

Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management is a proprietary feature that uses a unique process to control power and duration more precisely, specifically at non-visible treatment levels. This allows optimization of therapeutic effects at these lower intensities. By using Endpoint Management with the PASCAL lasers, you can adjust the treatment from barely visible down to various degrees of less damaging levels, even down to completely non-detectable points while maintaining clinical efficacy. All of this adds up to safer, more effective treatment for your patients.


*Treatment is less damaging based on set parameters of Endpoint Management.

Endpoint Management – You control each treatments setting, from visible down to less damaging, sub-visible laser levels

4-Fiber Beam Delivery – Four separate fibers means longer depth of focus consistent uptake for each spot.

4-Fiber Beam Delivery

PASCAL uses a unique fiber beam design, incorporating separate fibers (one for each spot size) into each system. This results in more consistency and less damage in each spot of the pattern. Other pattern laser photocoagulators use only 1 fiber and a zoom optical system to create variable spot sizes on the retina. This results in considerable uptake variability between the central portion of the burn and the periphery. That’s because the zoom optical system creates a different depth of focus between spot sizes. PASCAL technology incorporates separate fibers in our design, one for each spot size. That way, the depth of focus is longer, easier to maintain and doesn’t vary between sizes. So each spot gets consistent uptake. Your patients also experience less pain and, with greater efficiency, an entire treatment can be completed in one session.

Pattern Scanning Laser Trabeculoplasty

Precision is at hand. Pattern Scanning Laser Trabeculoplasty (PSLT) is a computer-guided therapy that provides precise placement of the laser patterns along the trabecular meshwork, independent of visibility of the lesions. PSLT provides rapid, precise, and minimally traumatic (sub-visible) computer-guided treatment with exact placement of the patterns. The patterns readily align to the curve of the trabecular meshwork, allowing faster and easier applications compared to other laser modalities. Being precise has never been so effortless.


Pattern Scanning Laser Trabeculoplasty – Rapid, precise and minimally traumatic computer-guided laser treatment to reduce IOP.