Initially developed at Stanford University, the PASCAL (PAttern SCAnning Laser) technology revolutionized ophthalmic laser photocoagulation by introducing two new concepts that have now been widely accepted standards of care. PASCAL is designed to treat retinal diseases using a single spot or a predetermined pattern array. With the PASCAL method of photocoagulation, less heat is diffused to the Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer and the Choroid. Photo-thermal stimulation (with Endpoint Management) enables the tissue to regenerate without being destroyed.

Leading Reputation

Nearly a decade ago, our Pattern Scanning Laser (PASCAL) Technology revolutionized ophthalmic laser coagulation and has become the standard of care.

Endpoint Management

Our unique Endpoint Management software uses a proprietary algorithm to control power and duration, giving you greater flexibility and control.

Faster with Less Damage

Unlike conventional laser burns, our shorter duration pulses result in faster procedures with less pain, collateral damage and scarring for your patients.

Unique Fiber Beam Design

While 1-Fiber systems see variable uptake with burns in the center of the spot, our unique fiber delivery system results in an easier to focus, uniform spot.