Clinical Training


Clinical Training

Topcon Medical Laser Systems (TMLS) provides on-site clinical training sessions for your PASCAL Classic, Slimline, Streamline, and Synthesis Photocoagulator Ophthalmic Laser Scanning systems. This instructor-led training, will ensure that all staff has the proper understanding and experience to be successful with the PASCAL lasers. The training will discuss the following topics:

  • System Safety Guidelines
  • Proper System Operation
  • Review of Operator’s Manual
  • Care and Maintenance
  • Treatment Parameters and Patterns (including safe power starting parameters)
  • Titration Guidelines
  • Endpoint Management (EpM) Protocols (if license purchased)/lil>
  • Pattern-scanning Laser Trabeculoplasty (PSLT) Protocols (if license purchased)

Registration Form

To register for PASCAL Clinical Training, completely fill out the form below. Number of trainees required.



    Thank you for registering for the Topcon Medical Laser Systems Clinical! For questions, please contact Johanna Kelly, Clinical Applications & Field Support Manager at